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January 21, 2009

Thank You, Mr. President(s)

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It’s late… I should be in bed, but I just have to take the opportunity to make a few comments about this historic inauguration day.

As I think about what is facing our nation, I just want to say thank you, President Obama for taking on the challenge and for delivering an inspiring speech… and what a speech it was! Quotes from it were repeated everywhere… from news reports and articles to blogs and social networks. Political conversation was the norm.

President Obama spoke of the work that lies ahead… and I couldn’t help but think – no matter whether you voted for him or not – now is the time to be supportive. Our nation needs that. Let’s quit trying to fix the blame and instead look to a future with the potential for change.

And that reminds me… I’m thinking President Bush is probably somewhat relieved to leave the White House. Being President has to be one of the toughest jobs in the world, and no doubt there were things that President Bush knew that we didn’t. It’s easy to look on someone else’s decisions and point at what went “right” or “wrong” when we don’t know the whole story, but my guess is that his decisions were far from easy. So thank you, President Bush, for doing what you thought best while in office. Although many don’t agree with some of your decisions, I am personally thankful that you helped keep us free of terrorist attacks in America since 9/11. As we went on with our lives since then, I’m sure you carried an enormous weight and responsibility for keeping us safe. So thank you for carrying the burden… enjoy your time back at the ranch! I think someday history will record your accomplishments in a more favorable light.

Let’s unite in prayer for President Barack Obama – he will need all the wisdom and guidance he can get to pull this nation out of its current turmoil. May God bless America!

Love & blessings to you all…


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